Farrah Abraham could study law at Yale.

Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham

The 30-year-old TV star has revealed she's currently weighing up which law school to attend, and confessed that Yale is one of her possible destinations.

Farrah told TMZ: "I'm just so pumped because I have all these choices for law school. I don't know if I'm going to stay here on the West Coast or go the East Coast."

Farrah feels that universities on the West Coast of the US are often more diverse, and that factor really appeals to her.

And although she's not yet sure of what type of law she wishes to study, some of Farrah's 'Teen Mom' cast members have already asked her to represent them.

She said: "My friends keep asking. 'Teen Mom' cast members keep asking if I could represent them.

"I feel fortunate."

Meanwhile, Farrah previously insisted she will not be "sex-shamed" on social media.

The reality TV star posted a Instagram video of herself dancing while wearing a very revealing bikini and a captain's hat on a yacht, as her daughter Sophia, 12, watched on.

Some of Farrah's social media followers were quick to criticise her behaviour, but she insisted she was simply proud of her body.

Farrah said: "We live in a household together, we are fairly open. I have to say there is nothing wrong with a woman being, like, fully dressed in clothing - if that's a bikini set or whatever.

"I feel like a lot of moms are sex-shamed - which I have definitely have been in my life - and I think when I'm single, gorgeous, young and beautiful, I would almost regret looking back at my life not living a happy, outgoing life. And I would definitely hope my daughter is never shamed to cover up herself and not be her happiest."

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