Emeli Sande is in a relationship with a woman.

Emeli Sande is dating a woman

Emeli Sande is dating a woman

The 'Read All About It' hitmaker has come out and revealed she is dating a female classical pianist.

Speaking to Metro.co.uk, she said: "We met through music. And I definitely feel happier than ever. It feels great.

"For me, true love and having love in your life makes everything fit into place."

The 35-year-old singer was previously married to marine biologist Adam Gouraguine between 2012 and 2014, while she had a brief romance with rapper Jonathan Kabamba, which ended in 2020.

When asked if this means she is bisexual, Emeli replied: "I’m not sure what I identify as but I guess so. I just feel like I should fall in love with whoever I fall in love with."

Emeli previously admitted she would like to start a family at some stage, although she insisted she was waiting for the "right person" to come along.

The 'Next to Me' hitmaker - who releases her new album, 'Let’s Say For Instance', next month - shared: "I'd like to have children - with the right person. I'm a bit shy, so we'll see what happens. I'm definitely getting back out there. Let's put it that way."

Meanwhile, Emeli "doubted" whether she should continue as a musician while battling anxiety and depression after she split from her ex-husband.

She explained: "I doubted whether I wanted to continue being a musician. I questioned whether people wanted to hear me, because people were saying I was on TV too much. People said I was overexposed, and then I thought, 'Maybe I don't have a place in this music industry, and if people don't want to hear it, what shall I do?' I was going through my separation, and really trying to get my head around the industry and where I sat in it."

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