Frankie Bridge thinks her depression battle has helped to strengthen her marriage.

Frankie and Wayne Bridge

Frankie and Wayne Bridge

The 31-year-old singer has been married to Wayne Bridge since 2014, and she's hailed the way in which he's supported her over the years.

Frankie - who spent time in a psychiatric hospital in 2011 - shared: "We’ve been together ten years and I would say we’ve only really got better at communicating in the last couple of years.

"I had my breakdown right early on, it was in our first year of our relationship together and he was amazing.

"He could’ve run for the hills, but he didn’t. He stuck around and he tried to learn as much as he could through my therapists and doctors at the time. It was a real stress for him.

"I carried on with work, and life just moved on and we never really discussed it, as such. Not that it was like a ‘hush-hush subject’, but I guess we just moved on from it all.

"And it’s only really over the last few years, and as I’ve got older, that I understand myself more. I know what I need from someone now in that situation and I know how to ask for it."

Frankie - who has two sons, Parker and Carter, with the retired soccer star - acknowledges that Wayne can't "fix" her issues. Instead, she simply wants him to listen and offer some support.

She told the 'Made By Mammas' podcast: "Nine times out of ten, no one can fix what I’m anxious about or what I’m depressed about.

"So I’m not looking for answers from him. I want him to either listen or give me a hug, or to go and take the kids and sort them out so that I don’t have to. And now all I have to do is cry and know I just need to cry and get it out.

"Or I just say, ‘Look I’m feeling really rubbish today’ and he just kind of does it."