Frankie Bridge thinks Wayne Bridge would be up for having sex even if she had said the "worst thing" to him.

Frankie Bridge on 'Loose Women'

Frankie Bridge on 'Loose Women'

The Saturdays singer admitted she is "not in the mood" to get jiggy with it at times when she is feeling "fat or anxious", but doesn't think she has ever known her husband - who she has sons Parker, three, and Carter, two, with - to turn down frisky time between the sheets.

She said: "He's quite persistent, so I can be persuaded.

"For me, maybe not for every woman, if I'm feeling fat or anxious or overly-tired or emotional and he's done something that's upset me or whatever, that makes me not in the mood.

"Whereas, men, they're always in the mood aren't they?

"I could've said the worst thing to him and he'll probably think, 'I'll make you feel better.' "

Frankie admits she does attempt to do the deed most of the time, even if she doesn't feel up for it, but thinks Wayne should time his affections a bit more carefully rather than wait until she is just about to go to sleep.

Speaking on British talk show 'Loose Women', she added: "Nine times out of 10, I will try, and I can be persuaded most of the time.

"But my point was, if I sat there and made it really obvious that that is not what I want, you know, you're in your pyjamas ...

"We go to bed really late. By the time we've put the boys to bed, we have dinner, we get in bed, we end up watching a programme that we're watching.

"We got into bed at say 10pm. If you wanted it then, then maybe that's when you should have gone in for the kill.

"It's now gone past midnight. I'm ready to go to sleep and now you think this is the right time to give it a go."

The 28-year-old star - who has been married to the former footballer for three years - recently admitted she has been known to say she has a headache when Wayne, 37, has signalled his intentions about having a bit of bedroom fun.

She said: "Every relationship will have this same issue. Everyone is tired."

Frankie also admitted remarks like "I have a headache" or "I am particularly tired tonight" tend to go "straight in one ear and out of the other ... and [then he thinks] 'oh, it's a really good time to put the moves on' at like two in the morning."