Frankie Muniz's return to the spotlight on 'Dancing with the Stars' has happened at the "right" time.

Frankie Muniz

Frankie Muniz

The 31-year-old actor achieved worldwide fame during his childhood because of his starring role in 'Malcolm in the Middle', but his fame has gradually receded since the iconic TV show last aired in 2006.

Explaining his appearance on 'Dancing with the Stars' and his return to the spotlight, Frankie said: "The timing was kind of right for me. This was the first time I was like, I can really do what I want."

The actor also revealed his decision to sign up for the popular TV show was influenced by the positive experiences of some of his showbiz pals.

Speaking to PEOPLE, Frankie shared: "I've had a lot of friends who've done the show, and they've honestly said it was the best experience they've ever had.

"A lot of people were really talking it up and how much fun it was, and I thought it looked like fun and here I am."

Since 'Malcolm in the Middle', Frankie has made the occasional on-screen appearance, starring in 'Criminal Minds', 'The Mysteries of Laura' and 'Sharknado 3'.

But the actor has also been indulging some of his other interests in that time.

He explained: "Since 'Malcom' ended, I raced cars professionally for a while, and I was really focused on that. Then I was in a band for a long time, and I was really focused on that."

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