Gabrielle hopes her new album 'Under My Skin' inspires fellow females to be "strong".



The 'Out of Reach' hitmaker's first record in 11 years includes the tracks 'Stronger' and 'Put Up A Fight', and the 90s R&B star hopes that the lyrics are relatable and encourage women to speak out if they've ever suffered at the hand's others, following the sexual misconduct scandal in Hollywood, which lead to the #MeToo movement.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, she said: "The whole #MeToo campaign, which has gathered momentum in god knows how many months now, it's the quiet after the storm.

"Everyone is more aware and I think, although initially when I was writing these songs it hadn't quite been underway, it is so relatable now with songs like 'Stronger' and 'Put Up A Fight'.

"Although when you start dissecting the song it might not necessarily relate, but in terms of the attitude and especially as I am a strong woman and in my experiences as a woman and the things I've gone through and how you conduct yourself, if you can allow people to hear from your point of view, maybe you people can gather their strength and positivity and maybe inspiration to deal with what is happening in their life.

"I've had things happen to me and through my songwriting, people have told me how they've been inspired by me being very vocal about what I had been through in my personal life to address certain things in their own life.

"I've got a song called 'Every Step', if you are talking about relating to the power and strength of woman, I like to think my songs can inspire."

'Under My Skin' is released on August 17 via BMG, lead single 'Show Me' is out now.

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