Gail Porter had "nine pounds" of tissue removed from her boobs when she had her breast reduction surgery.

Gail Porter on Loose Women

Gail Porter on Loose Women

The 45-year-old TV presenter's huge 28JJ chest and perky bottom made her one of the biggest pin-ups of the 90s but Gail has now revealed she was living in misery as her enormous mammaries took their toll on her body giving her a curving of her spine and she even became anorexic to try and get them to shrink.

Eventually, 5ft 2in tall Gail took the decision to go under the surgeon's knife to reduce them to a 28C but even she was shocked by how much the discarded flesh weighed.

In a candid interview on TV show 'Loose Women', she shared: "They took nine pounds out, just under nine pounds and so the reason I did the whole thing was because ... the worse they were getting, the more and more my posture was getting hunched."

Explaining how her behemoth breasts made her feel, she added: "I wasn't down, down. I was so used to it, it was kind of, if I went out and it was sunny I'd be really envious of you wearing your tops and looking all nice and summery and I'd be wearing a huge big thing that made me look like I was pregnant. I started dieting because I wanted to get rid of the breasts, because I was so conscious of them and then it went from everywhere else and then anorexia is a mental thing as well so I got it into my head that I constantly wanted to diet and then these [breasts] weren't going away and I remember ending up in hospital because I was so tiny and the doctor said to me, 'God, you've got really big boobs for someone with anorexia.' And that was it, it just got even worse..."

Gail - who has lived openly with alopecia totalis since 2005 - admits she came close to having the operation years before but got "scared" and "chickened out the first time".

The former glamour model - who has 14-year-old daughter Honey with her Toploader guitarist ex-husband Dan Hipgrave - made her name through her large breasts but even when her naked body was famously projected onto the House of Parliament in London by FHM magazine in 1999 she hated her figure.

Revealing her life of pain with her chest, she said: "I felt like I had three heads, I was like 'Hello, I'm up here' but men would speak to these two [pointing to chest]. I covered it very well but I always looked much bigger than I was because I had quite wee legs and this huge chest and the pictures I did in the 90s obviously they were airbrushed. There's like pictures of me with no nipples on the Houses of Parliament because apparently nipples are offensive, not my huge massive naked butt, but they were air brushed, they were moved up."

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