Gene Simmons has described comic books as the "new rock 'n' roll" as he took a passionate dig at the state of the modern music industry.

Gene Simmons in KISS

Gene Simmons in KISS

The KISS bassist - whose theatrical and iconic band released their debut self titled album in 1973 - has hit out at the way many fans want to download songs for free rather than paying up and coming groups for their art.

Speaking to London Super Comic Con organiser Gary Morris this week, he said: "Comic books are the new rock 'n' roll... You still have to pay for movies, and in records you can download and file share for free.

"As soon as you allow people to go into a supermarket and walk out with anything they want without paying for it, how long do you think the supermarket is going to be in business?!

"That's what's happened to music. It doesn't affect me... But new bands will never get the chance we got."

Making his point clearer, he argued that anyone putting effort into what they do should get rewarded for those efforts.

He added: "Work hard, and you should get paid for what you do."

The 67-year-old musician also addressed the suggestion that some smaller bands may claim to do it 'for the people', without any concern about money or fame - but he dismissed the idea.

He said: "If you talk to bands, they don't wanna do it for free, they want to get paid."

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