George Harrison offered to pay £2,000 for Cream's Ginger Baker's teenage daughter, she has claimed.

George Harrison

George Harrison

Ginette 'Nettie' Baker, now 57, has recalled how her famous father - who has been married four times and fathered three children; Ginette, Kofi and Leda - was allegedly offered the amount for his 15-year-old girl before playing pool at Eric Clapton's Surrey mansion party in 1976 - but turned the late Beatles legend's offer down.

Writing in her new tome, 'Tales Of A Rock Star's Daughter', she revealed: "Later that evening he offered to pay my dad £2,000 for me and I nearly choked.

"People were laughing and I was thrilled to be the centre of attention -- but that was because I was young."

It's not known whether or not the iconic sticksman - who died from lung cancer at the age of 58 in 2001 - was joking.

Clapton's wild bash was also attended by the 'Layla' hitmaker's former girlfriend Pattie Boyd - who was married to George from 1966 to 1977 - the 'Here Comes The Sun' drummer's girlfriend at the time and Nettie's mother Liz Finch, Ginger's first wife.

In the tell-all book, Nettie also talks about how difficult it was growing up with a drug addict father and a mother with a mental disorder, who were constantly at one another's throats, with the youngster often having to phone the police to break up their fights.

She writes: "It was never consistent parenting - you never knew whether they were going to be OK or go mental."

Nettie was forced to leave school at the age of 15, after word of Ginger's substance habit got around, and so she used to look after her father's horses and prepare them for polo matches.

She also found herself at many showbiz parties and even rubbed noses with royalty.

Recalling her friendship with Prince Andrew's ex-wife, Sarah, Duchess of York, she recalled in an extract of the book obtained by The Mail on Sunday newspaper: "Sarah (Ferguson) and I got on well - she always wanted to know what was happening at my house, while I dreamed of meeting a rich and handsome polo player to look after me. I was always looking for an escape."

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