Gerard Butler spent his 50th birthday releasing sea turtles out into the ocean.

Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler

The 'Olympus Has Fallen' star marked the milestone birthday back in November 2019 and he admits it was a "very powerful" moment in Costa Rica with his friends.

Speaking to Total Film magazine, he said: "I'm not a birthday party guy. I've often, on my birthday, at 7PM, said, 'Okay, let's have dinner'."And everybody is told with 15 minutes to spare. But this time, I actually did a big event in Costa Rica and brought loads of friends down. And it was very, very powerful. We brought down a lot of spiritual people, a lot of performers. We did a lot of environmental stuff, like releasing sea turtles out into the ocean. It was such a mix of so many things, I'm so glad I did it."

Back in October, Gerard admitted he is searching for "something more" after a tough few months with a break-up and recovering from his motorcycle accident.

He said: "I went through a break-up during corona so I lost a loved one in a different way, and that's been very hard, much harder than I thought. I had a surgery that went wrong, which then became seven surgeries. I had a motorcycle accident that almost killed me and I suddenly thought, 'There has to be something more.' There comes a point where you go, 'Is that it? Is there something more that's part of my journey?' The things I've been through, not as an actor but as a person, make me think about a different kind of impact I could leave behind. So it's started me on a full-blown quest, which I'm in the middle of right now."

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