Geri Horner feels lucky to have had a second child at 44.

Geri Horner

Geri Horner

The former Spice Girl star - who welcomed son Montague into the world five months ago - says she is blessed to have had her son in her 40s.

She said: "Whatever stage I'm at in my life, I want to enjoy it. After having Blue in my thirties, I used to think: what were the chances of it happening again?

"At 44, I know I'm lucky to have had a second chance. When I had Blue it was just me and her. A very secluded existence. This time I have a husband and stepdaughter."

And now she is older, Geri - who has Monty with her husband Christian Horner and 11-year-old Bluebell from a previous relationship - says she is at a point in her life where she is "happy in her own skin".

She added: "I've reached the point in life where I'm happy in my own skin. It's a wonderful place to be."

Now she has a young son, Geri spends a lot of her time looking after her little one but always makes sure to set aside time for being creative.

She told The Sunday Times magazine: "Of course, one thing that's still very important to me is being creative. If I'm not, I feel depressed, so I still write songs and sing.

"I've got a grand piano in the sitting room and, on a perfect day, I'll have Monty cooing in front of me while I work on melodies with a musician."

Meanwhile, Geri previously revealed she said a prayer to God in a bid to conceive naturally.

She said: "I really wanted to have another baby and I'm older now, and you think 'oh is that possible?'

"I thought maybe it's not for me but I would really like this for this relationship."

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