Geri Horner wants her son to be "Prime Minister" of the UK when he grows up.

Geri Horner

Geri Horner

The 44-year-old singer may have only welcomed her son Montague - whom she has with her husband Christian Horner - into the world in January, but she already has her sights set on his future career path as she wants him to be "magnificent", but doesn't want to be a "pushy parent".

Geri - who also has 11-year-old daughter Bluebell with Sacha Gervasi - said: "We want our children to be magnificent without being pushy parents. I hope he [Montague] is either a zoo keeper or the Prime Minister. They require the same skill sets, to be honest. But then he may end up in IT, and that's okay too."

And the former Spice Girl - who is gearing up to release her first single in 12 years entitled 'Angels in Chains' - says her son is a "very smiley baby".

She added: "He's a very smiley baby. He will coo a me in the mornings as if to say 'Bored now, wake up and entertain me!' It's totally different the second time around being older, and having a boy is a new energy. I appreciate every second of it."

Geri even admits her daughter told her not to "give up" trying for a second child as she was desperate for a sibling, and the 'Wannabe' hitmaker believes praying helped her conceive her son.

She told Notebook magazine: "I prayed for this baby. Bluebell wanted a sibling and said 'Mummy, please don't give up.' So I actually said, 'God, if you exist, can I have a baby naturally.' Two months later I was pregnant. That reminds me to have faith in life."