Gillian Anderson quit Hollywood after witnessing the "worst part of the industry".

Gillian Anderson

Gillian Anderson

The 52-year-old actress became one of the business' most in-demand stars after her success in 'The X-Files', but Gillian surprised people within the industry by deciding to return to London in 2002.

Gillian - who spent much of her childhood in the city before moving permanently to the US - explained: "A lot of people didn’t understand when I moved to London after the success of 'The X-Files' and asked why I would disappear from Hollywood.

"I always missed the UK and always knew I was going to end up back here."

Gillian became a global star through playing Agent Dana Scully in the sci-fi series. However, the actress didn't feel comfortable in Hollywood.

She told TV Week magazine in Australia: "Back then, part of that decision was also that I had a complicated relationship with becoming so famous so young and seeing the worst part of what the industry can be. I really hated it and wanted to get away."

Gillian - who was cast as former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in 'The Crown' earlier this year - has never considered making a permanent switch back to the US.

She reflected: "The rewards that I’ve been blessed with for following my instincts are many, and I never got to the point of even considering moving back to America."

Meanwhile, Gillian recently admitted she'd struggle to cope with the pressures of fame as a young actress in the era of social media.

She explained: "I cannot imagine what it must be like for young and impressionable actors getting into the business today with the whole tweeting thing, members of the public snapping you on their phones, and the fact that anyone can post a picture of you sitting in a restaurant."

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