Giovanna Fletcher was "shell-shocked" when she held her son Buzz for the "first time".

Giovanna Fletcher

Giovanna Fletcher

The 33-year-old author - who married McFly member Tom Fletcher in 2012 - shared an intimate photo on social media of her cradling Buzz shortly after she'd delivered him and admitted she was completely "overwhelmed" when she got to hold the tot in her arms for the first time.

Speaking to her one million followers on Instagram, Giovanna wrote: "I remember hearing so much about the importance of having skin to skin contact with your baby before Buzz arrived. I knew it served a purpose in terms of stabilising their temperature, heartbeat and breathing.

"Everything I'd read about it seemed very matter of fact, but the actual moment when I held each boy against me for the first time was so far removed from the science behind it. My emotions have been different with each new arrival. There's no denying I felt overwhelmed and shell-shocked when I first held a wrinkly and tiny Buzz in my arms."

Giovanna and Tom have two other sons, Buddy, two, and two-month-old Max, and she admits the skin to skin contact she experienced with all her kids when they were newborns was very important when it came to bonding with them.

And tactile expressions of love are still very important to her now as a mother.

Giovanna added: "With Buddy I was filled with elation - instantly telling Tom to take a photo and capture the moment. With Max I felt a relief knowing he'd arrived safely. I felt at peace having him resting on my chest.

"I still take huge comfort in feeling the boys skin on mine - whether that's a hug from Buzz before he goes off to school, one of Buddy's gorgeous hands finding its way into mine or Max resting cheek to cheek with me - it's his favourite place to rest. Touch and comfort are so entwined."