Glenn Close isn't worried about missing out on an Oscar.

Glenn Close

Glenn Close

The 73-year-old actress insists she isn't bothered about never being given an Academy Award so far as she is "fulfilled" by her work and insists that "feeds her soul" rather than accolades.

Speaking to Variety, she said: "Is it better to be wheeled out in a wheelchair and get the lifetime achievement award? You don’t have to make a speech ...

"It’s beyond me. I don’t know what to say about that. I just have to keep doing what’s good. You’re fulfilled by your work, and that’s the process to me. It’s what feeds my soul, but it really is nice when other people like it. It might be cool to never get one. I wouldn’t mind being wheeled out when I’m old and drooling, and I have a grey wig to cover my bald head."

Glenn has been nominated for seven Oscars in the past but has yet to win and she really hopes her first victory does not come in the next few months as she would hate to not be able to celebrate properly due to the current coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking about the possibility, she said: "I'm very proud of the times that my peers have felt that my performance was worthy of attention. It's so sad if it happens when we're all unable to celebrate in a room together. I mean, that would be ironic, but that's what life does, right? I just hope I can keep finding the parts because a lot of times I think it's about the role."

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