Gloria Estefan says the secret to her and her husband's 40-year marriage is that he always makes her laugh.

Gloria and Emilio Estefan

Gloria and Emilio Estefan

The couple met when Gloria started singing in Emilio's band The Miami Sound Machine in 1976 and after falling in love they tied the knot in September 1978 and have been together ever since.

The 'Dr. Beat' hitmaker - who has two adult children with Emilio - believes the fact the pair are always laughing together is why they romance has endured for such a long time.

Appearing on BBC programme 'The Graham Norton Show', she shared: "Emilio was my first and only partner. He says I don't know any better and that's why it is good! It is wonderful."

Revealing his absent mind and sense of humour, she added: "He has left places forgetting I am with him and he always gets names wrong. Do you know what he calls the queen of soul? 'Urethra Franklin.' He keeps me laughing and that's why we've lasted 40 years."

'On Your Feet', the musical of Cuban star Gloria's life and career, is coming to London after a successful Broadway run and she admits watching it is an "emotional" experience for her.

She said: "It's wonderful but pretty emotional watching it."

During her appearance on the UK chat show, the 60-year-old pop icon also revealed that after meeting every recent US President she politely declined to meet President Trump.

She said: "I don't need any more! The press asked me if I would meet Trump but I said, 'If I happen to run into him I would like to talk to him about a number of things,' but he didn't turn up!"

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