Goldie Hawn fell in love with Kurt Russell because he was so "good with kids".

Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn

Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn

The 'Christmas Chronicles 2' stars have been together for nearly four decades now and Goldie has confessed it was Kurt's love for her children - Kate Hudson, now 41, and Oliver Hudson, now 44 - that made her fall for him as it "was really something special" for her.

He said: "We haven't done many interviews together, no. We were talking about this the other day. So this is looking like a first Ellen, heads up. My god, we can still have firsts after 38 years!"

Whilst Goldie added in an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show: "I loved the way he looked at my children. It was really something special and that was … he’s good with kids. And I was like, 'That was amazing.' I did have a boyfriend at the time. That was hard, as I had to call him and tell him we were done and that I had found somebody and that I was so sorry. And I think you had a girl you were seeing too?"

Goldie revealed her relationship with Kurt is sustained by their ability to "resolve" arguments amicably.

She shared: "You have to learn how to work your way through an argument and be skilful about it and resolve it. Things happen during a marriage or a union, things that are said that shouldn't have been said, or things that are done that shouldn't have been done, or you feel neglected. If two people really want to be together there's something to cherish, so you keep it fresh by surprising each other. Go to a hotel room, go take a hike. Make something happen that's unusual."