Goldie Hawn is "melancholy" about the state of Hollywood.

Goldie Hawn

Goldie Hawn

The film industry has been put on hold for much of the year due to the coronavirus pandemic, and Goldie has admitted she fears that the health crisis could spell the end for glamorous movie stars.

She said: "We're all trying to figure out what to do, I mean, when you look at how AMC (Hollywood cinema) has only so much money to exist before it goes away. When you see that big screen and people are in there engaging, there's nothing like it. It makes me very melancholy to know that that could be over."

The 74-year-old actress – who is starring with partner Kurt Russell in 'The Christmas Chronicles: Part Two' – added: "However, there's more content now than ever, and not only that, there's a place for content. We're looking at incredible talent. Like 'Succession', the acting is amazing.

"But the one thing I wonder about all of that is will there be any movie stars? That thing of the old days when there were these glamorous movie stars and people that you just couldn't wait to go see. I don't know if that will happen again. What do you think?"

Goldie also explained she doesn't have anything on her bucket list as she is satisfied with her life.

She told the New York Times newspaper: "I really don't have anything that I'm dying to do.

"I want to live a happy life, and I have that. I want to be able to go places, but right now, we can't do that. If a movie comes along and it's great, that could be fun. Other than that, I want to be with the grandkids."