Cardi B is determined to "maintain" her wealth.

Cardi B tries to spend her money wisely

Cardi B tries to spend her money wisely

The 29-year-old rap star is one of the world's best-selling musicians - but Cardi doesn't take her success for granted and she's always keeping one eye on the state of the economy.

After one her Twitter followers questioned Cardi for reposting a report about a potential recession in 2023, she replied on the micro-blogging platform: "Why is it far fetch for me to know finance when I have a business ,pay taxes and own stocks ? You gotta know about money to maintain it (sic)"

The 'WAP' hitmaker worked as a stripper before finding fame and success in the music business.

But Cardi previously insisted that she was actually happier before she started making money as a rapper.

Cardi - who has Kulture, three, and Wave, nine months, with rap star Offset - said: "One positive thing is that, my family, whatever they want, they get. Everything that I want to buy, I can get. I don’t have to worry so much about my future.

"One negative thing is that, even though I’m happy, I feel like I was a little bit happier two or three years ago when I had less money. I had less people who had opinions about my life. I felt like my life was mine. Now I feel like I don’t even own my life. I feel like the world owns me."

Despite this, Cardi doesn't have any plans to leave the spotlight.

She said: "I really want to accomplish more records, more Billboard hits.

"I might want to get into acting or designing clothes, but my real goal is to have beautiful kids, a beautiful mansion, and do business that makes me money until the day I die. Then be able pass it on to my children."