Gregg Sulkin has admitted he doesn't understand why people care about being famous.

Gregg Sulkin

Gregg Sulkin

The 25-year-old actor has made a name for himself as a child star on the likes of Disney's 'Wizards of Waverley Place', MTV's 'Faking It', and 'Pretty Little Liars', but despite finding fame himself, the star doesn't know why people value getting a movie role as the "be all and end all".

Speaking about being famous, he said: "There are so many bigger things going on in the world. So many more issues, so many more problems. And so many more industries in my opinion that are actually benefiting society. Yes film and TV does tell stories and they can help people through things and sometimes the best way to help people is through art.

"[But] at the same time there are people curing cancer, surgeons, people putting out fires working 36 hours straight. I think it's easy for people to get caught up in believing that [fame] is everything, and this is the world, and getting a big role is the be all, end all. When in fact, it's not. I think about what actors can earn, and then I think about firefighters earn, it just doesn't make sense."

Currently, Gregg - who previously dated Bella Thorne - is starring as Chase Stein in Marvel Universe television series 'Runaways', and will take to the big screen as Derek Lowe in 'Status Update' later this year.

But despite his wealth of credits, the star admits that he has only stopped referring to himself as a child actor since turning 24 in 2016.

Speaking to Rouge magazine's January issue about when he stopped feeling like a child actor, he said: "Personally, I think [it was] when I turned 24. Mentally I felt different. So that was a big transition for me. That year I learned the most about myself. In the past two years I've learned so much about myself. I feel like I'm a different human being. There's a presence there of stability and stillness."