Gwen Stefani was never comfortable being a "sex symbol".

Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani

The 'Voice' star debuted the charts with blonde locks and hot red lips when she fronted punk band No Doubt and has widely been considered one of the sexiest women in the music industry ever since, but the singer - who was raised a Catholic - never saw herself in that light.

Gwen said: "The way my parents brought me up was Catholic. I had conservative parents, and I was raised to be very true to my morals. Thank God... I never felt comfortable being a sex symbol. I never, ever saw myself as that."

Meanwhile, the 'Hollaback Girl' singer - who split from her husband Gavin Rossdale in 2015 - revealed she would recommend fellow female stars find their "unique" look, because simply being raunchy will soon become boring.

She told Stylist magazine: "That might also be a reason why I have more longevity than other performers. If you're playing that card, there's nothing unique about it. But I think there is something unique about being honest... Embracing who you are, and not being ashamed of it."

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