Gwen Stefani's marriage breakdown was "horrifying and unexpected and so traumatic".

Gwen Stefani's marriage split was traumatic

Gwen Stefani's marriage split was traumatic

The 52-year-old star split from Gavin Rossdale - the father of her sons Kingston, 15, Zuma, 13, and eight-year-old Apollo - in 2015 after almost 13 years of marriage and the shocking change to her life ignited Gwen's desire to start work on her beauty line, GXVE.

She said: "When I think about this chapter of my life, which just feels fucking surreal, it’s almost like everything I’ve ever done has led up to this. I know this sounds crazy and it somehow dismisses the music, but it’s like, ever since I was a little girl, dressing up and playing and singing and then leading up to being a makeup artist, working at Borghese and Ultima II in Anaheim Plaza, I was just always a make-up person...

"Long story short, by the time I got to my family breaking up a few years ago, which was horrifying and unexpected and so traumatic, that’s when I tried to start picking the pieces up and that’s when I said, I want to do something."

The No Doubt frontwoman - who is now married to Blake Shelton - has been looking for her "purpose" and hopes her new cosmetics line offers people a "community".

She added in an interview with Refinery 29: "When you start to get mid-age, you start to think, OK, how many more summers do I have left? You start to count. And you’re like, do I want to be working, do I want to be doing this?, but truly, my heart is all about what is my purpose. I can’t be this blessed and not do something to give back.

"I have to figure out what the rest of my life is, through prayer and just trying to really decide — what is it?

"Music is music and I’m always going to do that, but this is bigger than that. I think it’s going to reveal itself. Because it’s not just make-up. It’s way more powerful. It’s a community.

"It’s just really exciting because I had an idea probably given to me by God and I just followed through and here I am today. It’s beautiful and weird and so cool... and it’s just going to be so awesome."