Gwyneth Paltrow says quarantine has given her a "new perspective" on life.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow

With everyone forced to stay in their homes due to the virus, the 'Goop' founder admits the lockdown has shown her how much she overworked herself before.

She said: "I had not realised how much the normal pace of life was overburdening our bodies, our minds, and our nervous systems.

"As we have been forced into the confines of our own homes, that has brought up a lot of emotional distress for some, and for others it has been very peaceful. In my case, I have experienced both. I have started to settle down in my brain and body. It has given me a new perspective about how much I will take on going forward."

And the 47-year-old actress and entrepreneur admits that before the lockdown, she was "constantly trying to pack in wellness moments" but now she is letting things happen much more naturally and that has helped her mind to feel "calmer".

Speaking to Dr. Nadine Burke Harris for Shape magazine's July/August 2020 issue, she added: "I was constantly trying to pack in wellness moments, but I wasn't really decompressing until the weekend or when I went on vacation.

"Now I feel different, letting my body go to sleep and wake up in its natural rhythm, having my kids around all the time, eating meals together and having meaningful conversations. We linger at the table; our dinners are an hour and a half long. My heart feels fuller, and my mind feels calmer in that respect."

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