Harry and Izzy Judd are already thinking about a third child.

Izzy and Harry Judd

Izzy and Harry Judd

The McFly drummer and his wife will welcome their second baby into the world next month, and after previously going through IVF to conceive their daughter Lola, now 18 months, they can't help but thinking about the other embryo they still have frozen.

Asked if they'd like a third child, Izzy said: "We have another frozen embryo and in my mind, I think, had the embryologist that day chosen the other embryo, I wouldn't have met Lola.

"So now I don't know if I could leave that little one behind."

The couple don't know the sex of their unborn baby and are planning to leave it as a surprise - which is tough for "control freak" Izzy, though she's determined not to open the envelope which doctors wrote in the gender of the tot for them.

She said: "Can you believe we have the gender in an envelope in our house?

"[Not opening it] goes against my personality because I'm such a control freak. But until this baby is delivered safely, it really doesn't matter to me.

"After what we've gone through, I just feel very lucky."

Izzy and Harry currently juggle caring for Lola between them but they are starting to consider sending the tot to nursery.

Izzy told new! magazine: "[She doesn't go to nursery], at the moment Harry and I juggle between us and we've somehow managed to make it work.

"But I do think it's getting to the point where it would be beneficial."

Though the 33-year-old musician thinks her husband is a "great" dad, he doesn't do his fair share of nappy duty.

She said: "He's absolutely [hands-on]. I wouldn't let him not be, although when it comes to nappies it's probably 70 per cent me.

"He's such a great dad and there's nothing I love more than watching them when they don't know I'm watching."

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