Harry Judd has become a father for the second time.

Harry Judd

Harry Judd

The McFly drummer and his wife Izzy Judd have welcomed their second child into the world, a son called Kit, who arrived in the early hours of the morning on August 26.

Harry wrote on Twitter: "We have a son! Kit Harry Francis Judd arrived this morning at 6:37. Both he & his Mummy are doing very well! @mrs_izzyjudd is my hero (sic)"

And Harry's bandmate Tom Fletcher has already taken to social media to congratulate the couple.

Tom wrote alongside a picture of the sun setting: "An amazing first sunset for Kit Judd."

Meanwhile, Izzy - who also has Lola, 18 months, with Harry - previously revealed they are already thinking about a third child.

Asked if they'd like a third child, Izzy said: "We have another frozen embryo and in my mind, I think, had the embryologist that day chosen the other embryo, I wouldn't have met Lola. So now I don't know if I could leave that little one behind."

The pair decided to keep the new baby's gender secret until he arrived.

She said: "Can you believe we have the gender in an envelope in our house? [Not opening it] goes against my personality because I'm such a control freak. But until this baby is delivered safely, it really doesn't matter to me. After what we've gone through, I just feel very lucky."

And Harry is a very hands on dad.

Izzy revealed: "He's absolutely [hands-on]. I wouldn't let him not be, although when it comes to nappies it's probably 70 per cent me. He's such a great dad and there's nothing I love more than watching them when they don't know I'm watching."