Harry Judd doesn't want any more children "right now".

Harry Judd

Harry Judd

The McFly drummer and his wife Izzy Judd are already parents to 20-month-old daughter Lola and one-month-old newborn son Kit, and despite the star saying he's "always wanted" three children, he isn't in any hurry to add another one to his brood.

When asked if he's thinking about baby number three, Harry said: "Don't ask me now! Because right now it's a no! Who knows? I always wanted three. I'm one of three and Izzy's one of four. But now we've had two it's a bit like: 'Yeah, about that ...!' We'd be very content with two. They're both healthy and we've been lucky, considering."

The 'Love Is On The Radio' hitmaker has also praised his spouse and women everywhere for their work as mothers, even dubbing women as "the greater of the two sexes."

He said: "God, you women go through it. I hand it to you, women are the greater of the two sexes. You have nine months of pregnancy, then having to give birth and then dealing with the hormones, the milk coming in and breastfeeding. Izzy's had mastitis so she's been expressing for Kit because she can't get him back on the breast at the moment. Then there's the sound of the breast pump going at 4am, the baby's crying and it's full on."

And 31-year-old Harry says he "knew" Izzy - whom he has been married to since 2012 - would be a "fantastic mother", because caring for others is in her nature.

Speaking to Fabulous magazine, he added: "But I was right all along, I knew Izzy would be a great mum because she's at her best when she's caring for other people. She's a fantastic mother and has been brilliant from the start."

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