Haylie Duff is expecting her second child.

Haylie Duff

Haylie Duff

The 32-year-old actress has announced she is set to welcome another baby into the world with her partner Matt Rosenberg.

Alongside a picture of her two-year-old daughter Ryan, she wrote on Instagram: "Round 2! Ryan thinks our new baby is growing in HER belly! #FamilyOf4 (sic)"

Whilst a source added to Us Weekly magazine: "Haylie is so excited to have another baby and for Ryan to be a big sister!"

Meanwhile, Haylie previously insisted she doesn't miss the life she had before she became a mother.

She said: "There was part of me, even when I was pregnant, that was like, 'Gosh it would be nice to go to Vegas for the weekend,' or kind of do the things I normally did before I came a mother. I think that's probably the biggest surprise is I feel such fulfilment with my family and with my child, I don't miss that 'old life' stuff."

Haylie had previously said how she was a "really emotional mom".

She shared: "To be honest, I'm a really emotional mom. I've been updating the baby book, which I've been bad about doing because I just put it off for so long. I opened it and was like, 'Oh, so I haven't updated this since month two.' I've been catching up a lot and looking back on a lot of things and it just goes by really fast."

And Haylie recently revealed she named her daughter Ryan after a dream she had whilst she was pregnant.

She explained: "I had a dream about a little girl with a huge attitude who had a really high ponytail. She was running away, and I was like, 'Ryan! Ryan!' She looked back at me and gave me this really sassy look. She stuck her lips out. I woke up and was like, 'Babe, we're having a girl, and I think her name is Ryan.' We never really considered a name other than that."

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