Haylie Duff named her daughter Ryan after a dream she had.

Haylie Duff

Haylie Duff

The 31-year-old actress gave birth to Ryan Rosenberg - who she shares with partner Matt Rosenberg - in May last year, and has now revealed the one year old was always going to be called Ryan, thanks to a dream Haylie had whilst she was pregnant.

Speaking to HollywoodLife.com, she said: "I had a dream about a little girl with a huge attitude who had a really high ponytail. She was running away, and I was like, 'Ryan! Ryan!' She looked back at me and gave me this really sassy look. She stuck her lips out. I woke up and was like, 'Babe, we're having a girl, and I think her name is Ryan.' We never really considered a name other than that."

And the news of the baby dream comes after the 'Material Girls' actress admitted she was "sad" that her daughter was no longer as small as she used to be, and admitted putting off filling in her baby book because time "goes by really fast".

She said previously: "To be honest, I'm a really emotional mom. I've been updating the baby book, which I've been bad about doing because I just put it off for so long. I opened it and was like, 'Oh, so I haven't updated this since month two.' I've been catching up a lot and looking back on a lot of things and it just goes by really fast."

The 'Napoleon Dynamite' actress also revealed she feels pressurised into having another baby, even though she doesn't think she's "ready".

She said: "I'm also emotional about it because I feel like there's pressure to have another one soon and that really scares me too. I'm not ready for that! It's bittersweet. It's so awesome to see them grow up and get these awesome little personalities, but then your baby is going away. It's great and sad all at the same time."

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