Heidi Klum says her sons are "sexy".

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum

The 44-year-old model has sons Johan, 10, and Henry, 11 and daughters Lou, seven and Leni, 13, with ex-husband Seal and she says Henry bears a striking resemblance to his dad.

She told PEOPLE: "My boys are very sexy. They're very young and I probably shouldn't say that, that they're sexy.

"Henry looks like Seal and I think Seal is very hot and very handsome. He looks just like his dad - he has this little gap here in his teeth.

"Johan looks almost like a European soccer player. He has this gorgeous, mixed skin and he's so sweet and he has beautiful, big lips.

"His hair is just so wild and big. My little one has the most gorgeous hair."

And Heidi also declared that her sons have "rocking bodies" and will be fighting off attention from the opposite sex when they get older.

She said: "There's going to be a line around my house. [They'll need to] fend off the ladies."

"My boys are all very tall, they're very thin. They have just rocking bodies!"

Meanwhile, Heidi previously revealed she has a good relationship with Seal for the sake of their children but admitted it is "never easy" when a romance ends.

She said: "It's never really easy, I guess, when you break up. There was probably a reason for it and it kind of takes its time but then, you know, we're always there for our children and always will be. You always make it work. You just do."

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