Heidi Klum was "very excited" to meet Prince Andrew when she hosted him at her first ever Halloween party.

Heidi Klum met Prince Andrew at one of her Halloween parties

Heidi Klum met Prince Andrew at one of her Halloween parties

The German supermodel’s annual spooky bashes have become legendary but her debut celebration, held back in 2000, has recently come under scrutiny because among the guests were Ghislaine Maxwell - who was convicted by a jury in US federal court in December on five sex trafficking-related counts - and the 61-year-old prince.

Asked her recollection of the evening, Heidi said: “It was my very first party and I was very excited to meet a prince. To be honest, I had 50 friends there — but everyone else, I have no idea who invited them or him.

"Obviously you get more press when someone like that comes, so I was pleased, but others arranged it. And he was nice as far as I could tell from saying, ‘Hi, nice to meet you.’”

Virginia Giuffre has accused convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein - who committed suicide in August 2019 - and his one-time girlfriend Ghislaine of arranging and forcing her into having sex with Andrew in 2001, and Heidi admitted she doesn't know "what to think" about the scandal.

Asked her opinion of Andrew now, she told The Times' Weekend magazine: “It’s hard to know what to think. The story is still unfolding and I’m watching it just like you.”

One thing Heidi does take offense to is the bash being described as a "hookers and pimps"-themed affair.

She said: “Wait, who called my party a ‘hookers and pimps’ event? That is disturbing and quite rude. I never even have a theme for my parties. It’s just a Halloween event. I bet that was the tabloids. Secondly, I was wearing a traditional German dirndl, not dressed like a hooker.”

Andrew - who has had his patronages and military associations withdrawn in the wake of the scandal - has denied the allegations against him.