Heidi Montag is "hopeful" that she will get pregnant soon.

Heidi Montag

Heidi Montag

The former 'Hills' star and her husband Spencer Pratt want to start a family next year and Heidi says raising kids will soon be her "main priority".

She told Christian website Faithwire: "I am writing a coffee table wife type of book. It's more like a fun project, something I enjoy doing and then I'm getting ready to be a mom hopefully next year. So that is going to be my main priority and full-time job."

While Heidi, 30, is desperate to have children, she admitted she had to talk Spencer into it at first.

She said: "You know, I had to pray to get my husband to even ... agree to have a kid and so this whole journey over the last few years ... I have had to do.

"You know, it's not so easy, not everyone can just have kids whenever they want. There is a lot of hardship and prayers and certain things you have to put into that."

Heidi fell on hard times after 'The Hills' ended but is grateful for the hardship she has endured because it made her stronger.

She explained: "Life is really short and really temporary and when everything goes, all your money, everything you've built your security on, it really makes you face the reality of this life.

"So I'm really thankful I had such a public fall and I spent all my money and everything because it made me remember what I care about and what is important to me and to rebuild. Because of God, I was able to rebuild and refocus."