Hilary Duff is beefing up security after her home was targeted by thieves.

Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff

The 29-year-old actress was on vacation in Canada when her Beverly Hills home was broken into earlier this week and she is "thankful" that "her family, staff, home and pets are all safe".

A representative for Hilary told MailOnline: "This is a scary and upsetting situation for anyone to go through, but Hilary is thankful that her family, her staff, her home and her pets are all safe.

"That said, she has a significant security team in place that will work with the authorities on this incident and handle security measures moving forward."

The thieves did not set off the alarm when they broke in and TMZ previously reported that jewels worth thousands had been stolen in the break-in.

The thieves reportedly targeted Hilary's home as they knew the actress was on vacation after she posted numerous pictures on Instagram.

Hilary is the latest high-profile star to be targeted by thieves.

In May, A$AP Rocky allegedly had his home robbed of $1 million worth of property.

The 28-year-old rapper's Los Angeles home was reportedly targeted by armed robbers who entered the property after knocking on the front door of the home and forcing their way inside when a woman answered.

The men are said to have grabbed the woman - who is believed to be a relative of the 'L$D' hitmaker - and took her with them around the home whilst they allegedly grabbed around $1.5 million worth of jewels and other property. It is also believed the perpetrators attempted to take a safe from the home, but left it on the sidewalk.

A$AP - whose real name is Rakim Mayers - was not at home when the alleged robbery took place.

That break-in came just two months after A$AP's girlfriend, 21-year-old model Kendall Jenner, had her own home robbed of over $200,000 worth of property.

It is thought the burglars entered Kendall's house sometime between her leaving at lunchtime and returning home at 8pm. Kendall didn't raise the alarm at first as she didn't know things had gone missing until she went to her bedroom just after one in the morning.

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