Hilary Duff has hit out at her "a**hole" neighbour after he made her apartment "reek" of cigarettes and marijuana.

Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff

The 30-year-old actress took to her Instagram story to slam another resident of the New York apartment building where she lives, after she racked up a number of grievances with him over his smoking habits.

She said in a video: "Calling all New Yorkers with a**hole neighbours - really open to any advice you have. My neighbour smokes cigarettes and weed all night long. My apartment reeks. Seriously, what do I do?

"We know your parents pay your rent. We know you've never worked a day in your life - must be nice. Have some respect for your neighbours who work hard to live in that building. Don't be a d**k, dude - and put your trash down the shoot."

And in a second post, the 'Younger' star claimed she didn't get any sleep because of her noisy neighbour.

She wrote: "Slept 0 minutes last night because of dieter the [eggplant emoji]. Worked 15 hours yesterday and back at work again at 5:30 am. This is the real world dieter the [eggplant emoji]. Your smoking ain't delicious. (sic)"

Hilary even called out the neighbour for having explosive arguments with their partner, which leave her and her six-year-old son, Luca - whom she has with her ex-husband Mike Comrie - terrified.

She added: "And another thing ... stop breaking all your furniture when you fight with your girlfriend or boyfriend ... it scares me and my kid. Therapy is cheaper ... (sic)"

Hilary's annoyance at her lazy neighbour comes after she revealed she finds it hard to balance her hectic work life with her personal one, and only recently discovered the importance of taking time out of her schedule for herself.

She said: "I started to feel less guilt about taking time for myself, or you know, maybe not putting Luca to bed one night and going out with my girlfriends and having a fun dinner. That stuff rejuvenates you, and I matter too."

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