Holly Willoughby named her daughter after her favourite Disney Princess.

Holly Willoughby at Disneyland Paris

Holly Willoughby at Disneyland Paris

The 38-year-old presenter has revealed that she loves Belle from the 1991 animated classic 'Beauty and the Beast' more than any other Disney character and the heroine was the inspiration behind her eight-year-old daughter's name.

Speaking at the launch of The Lion King and Jungle Festival at Disneyland Paris, she said: "I'm gonna have to choose a [favourite] princess and I'm gonna have to choose Princess Belle because I think she's a bit girl power. And my daughter is called Belle, so I named my daughter after my favourite Disney Princess so I think that says it all."

The 'This Morning' host - who also has two sons, Harry, 10, and Chester, four, with her husband Daniel Baldwin - was one of the guests at the star-studded launch of the theme park's new attraction along with celebrities such as Helen Flanagan, Lucy Fallon and Kiss FM presenter Daisy Maskell.

Holly loves visiting Disneyland Paris because the park feels like a "magical escape" from the world and says that being able to share her love of Disney with her three children has been "really special" for her.

She said: "Disneyland Paris is just a magical escape I love Disney I've been coming here all my life since I was teeny tiny and to be able to spent those magical moments with my family now is just really special."

Holly added that it was "so special" seeing beloved characters such Minnie and Mickey Mouse and confessed that she even teared up after bumping into Donald Duck.

She said: "I've had so many favourite moments; I have to say there was a moment at breakfast I mean even before we got into the park itself with all the characters coming in. You're just sitting there eating your egg and bacon and suddenly Mickey's there and Minnie's there and Donald Duck was there and Donald Duck made me cry today but for all the right reasons it was just so special."

Whilst at Disneyland Paris Holly posed for photos with Mickey Mouse outside the iconic Sleeping Beauty Castle.

The presenter also met 'Jungle Book' characters Baloo and King Louie whilst enjoying the new offerings inspired by Simba and Nala's adventures in the African Savanna.