Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman

Hugh Michael Jackman, born 12 October 1968, 1.00 pm, Sydney/Australia

His X-men character Wolverine’s menacing scissorhands may not look very charming at all, whereas most would agree that Hugh Jackman’s keenness on action roles does make him rather attractive! In real life, the hunky Libra star certainly doesn’t live up to the dangerous image he often portrays on screen – his Sun sign being Libra describes him as an agreeable person in his core, one who is truly interested in building lasting relationships based on loyal friendship and feelings. He enjoys good company and has a talent for creating harmony.  Libra guys are often considered ladies’ men, but in terms of being faithful this one could even pass for a role model! He’s self-disciplined, honest and reliable, but naturally, there’re also a few challenging sides to his personality: he can be quite unwilling to accept other people’s pearls of wisdom, and there might be authority issues as well. All in all, he knows the benefits of a logical, sensible take on life, and it’s evident that he’s driven by a desire to evolve and keep going, to look ahead and reflect on experience to learn from that for the future.

The actor’s Ascendant is placed in Aquarius which like Libra belongs to the air element, the mental realm. Now we know where his inclination to embody supernatural characters comes from: Aquarius is extravagant, daring and highly individual – and it has a habit to swim against the tide! This gives Hugh a bit of an edge in terms of his instinctive reactions and general approach to life. He won’t always comply with other people’s wishes just for the sake of harmony, instead he’s likely to want to put in his two cents. His chart reveals an interest in psychic stuff and taboo topics: He feels drawn to exploring the deeper layers of human consciousness and would probably make a great detective as he can easily see through disguise! Passionate, intense films such as Les Misérables (which was his first Oscar nomination) will definitely showcase his ability best.

Looking at his emotional world, a fidgety part of him comes out - Hugh's Moon is in Gemini, yet another air sign, meaning that he loves chatting and diverse activities to keep him entertained. The Moon is also favourably tied to his Sun, which gives him light-heartedness and a great mind-gut balance. His intuition is vital for all his actions and decisions, and there is a strong, stabilizing influence which encourages him to honour promises and commitments. On top of that, the warrior is also a real family man! So, what’s not to swoon over, ladies?

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