Hulk Hogan is reportedly in talks with WWE over a sensational return to the sports entertainment giant.

Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan

The company is said to be open to the wrestling legend three years after he was sacked when a transcript from a sex tape recording revealed him using the "N-word" during a conversation about his daughter Brooke's then-boyfriend.

In the wake of the scandal, Hogan - whose real name is Terry Bollea - was removed from WWE's Hall of Fame, with his merchanise pulled from online stores and all mentions of him taken off the brand's official website.

However, TMZ is now reporting that "positive" talks are ongoing between both parties with the view of the star making a big comeback.

It's said that everyone wants the return to be done "the right way", with the aim of showing that Hogan has learned from his mistakes, while being sensitive to an audience that was offended by his comments.

The report adds that while the star was requested for WWE's 'Greatest Royal Rumble' event in Saudi Arabia last week, they decided against the appearance - but it has prompted the current talks.

The 64-year-old star - who recently appeared at the premiere of WWE and HBO's 'Andre The Giant' documentary in Hollywood - has previously admitted he was devastated to be blacklisted from WWE after the transcript was leaked.

Hogan is considered by most wrestling experts for being responsible to the global success of WWE in the 1980s and the reason the company's annual showpiece 'WrestleMania' became a pop culture phenomenon, and he has conceded it has been "tough" to see his 40-year career erased.

However, he understands the decision, saying previously: "I think they did what was best for business ... They were worried about losing sponsors and network support."

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