Idina Menzel's son "doesn't want to watch" 'Frozen'.

The 43-year-old star, who delivered an Oscar-winning rendition of the song 'Let It Go' in the Disney film, has revealed her five-year-old son Walker, who she has with ex-husband Taye Diggs, isn't a fan of the movie, despite it being a worldwide box office success.

Asked whether she's tired of the tune, Idina shared: "I'm not, because I have a five-year-old son who doesn't want to watch the movie and play the song. So when I sing it's a celebration for me, it's something that changed my life."

Idina - who stars as Elsa the Snow Queen in the 2013 film - has spoken previously about the prospect of appearing in a sequel, but admits Disney executives are keen for her to remain tight-lipped on the issue.

She explained to The Times newspaper: "Apparently I spoke out of turn. I just assumed that because it was so successful there'd be a sequel but Disney doesn't have sequels, so it would be a first if there was one."

Idina also admitted the computer-animated musical fantasy-comedy film could be transformed into a stage show.

The singer-songwriter said: "I think they're working on that but the Disney people keep things close to their chests."

Asked if she'd like to appear in the stage production, she joked: "Sure, I'd love to. But musicals take years and I'd have to play Elsa's mother, probably."

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