Iggy Azalea is single.

Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea

The 28-year-old rapper confirmed in an interview on Tuesday (07.08.18) that she was in a relationship with NFL player DeAndre Hopkins, but now she's admitted they have already split.

Along with shrugging and blushing emojis, she wrote on her Twitter account on Wednesday (08.08.18) evening: "I'm single."

But though the 'Fancy' hitmaker doesn't think she'll ever settled down now, she's not upset about that.

She said: "I have come to the conclusion iam going to be alone forever. Iam completely fine with that.

"I have a routine now. watch movies alone in the shower n s**t... its nice.(sic)"

Hours before confirming her single status, Iggy had shared a cryptic post.

She tweeted: ""Sometimes you gotta pick your poison. when you're put in a s**t position the lesser of two evils is often the only option. if anyone can't understand that - stay the f**k from round me.(sic)"

Meanwhile, DeAndre, 26, didn't seem too upset about the break-up either.

He posted: "Y'all know I can care less about social media , but ya boi is SINGLE (sic)"

As well as telling Y 100 Miami that she was dating DeAndre, Iggy and the sportsman had also told followers on Instagram that they were together.

DeAndre had posted a photo which was captioned: "My Aussies call me legend," and Iggy commented: "I could think of a few other things to call you."

When a fan then asked if the pair were dating, DeAndre replied: "Yes indeed," whilst the 'Kream' rapper called the sporting star "her man".

Iggy previously revealed she had a "crush" on a man who follows a vegan diet, as she admitted she would have to let him go because she'd never be able to stop munching on sausages.

She wrote on Twitter: "Yes, iam eating tater tots and a hot dog for dinner.. at home, in my house. YES. iam 28 years old.

"I seriously need to get it together. at least i have solace in the fact iam not alone.

"Its true, iam a millennial and i dont want three children.

"and my crush is vegan. clearly i need to give it up. him i mean. im not gonna live life without hotdogs.(sic)"

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