You might not know it, but Instagram is one of the best places for a model to make their living. So long as they have a strong social media presence, steady influx of loyal followers and the ability to engage with just a couple of button clicks on their mobile devices, they’re all set and the offers soon come rolling in. With all of that in mind, we’ve taken a look at 5 Instagram Models Who Make Six Figures Plus A Year…

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Janice Joostema

At just 21-years-old, Janice Joostema was making six figures through her Instagram account. Recalling the very first job she got thanks to her social media presence, Joostema explained how a company offered to pay her somewhere between $500 and $800 for a single photo. At the time, she had around 200,000 followers and didn’t quite realise just how influential she had become on the app, but it was just the beginning. Today, she sits with an incredible 1.3 million Instagram followers, travelling the world and of course, still promoting some of her favourite brands for a chunky pay packet whenever she gets the opportunity.

Danielle Bernstein

Though she’s never come out and fully clarified the amount she’s made thanks to her Instagram status, Danielle Bernstein has admitted that the amount is in the mid-six figures. As well as writing her blog We Wore What, her popular Insta sees her collaborate with huge brands, with her fee per sponsored post anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000. With 1.7 million followers, it’s clear to see why Danielle has done so well with the big names. We’re sure the future’s bright for this young, rising star.

Julia Sarinana

Starting a blog in early 2009, Julia Sarinana has done well to maintain a loyal fan base throughout the years, sharing her many adventures and personal daily style with those who follow her. With over 4.6 million Instagram followers, we imagine the sky’s the limit when it comes to charging clients for branded posts. Managing to snag work with popular fashion magazines such as Vogue, her web traffic is constantly climbing, leading her bank balance in the same direction.

Jane Aldridge

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Beginning her blog, Sea of Shoes at the young age of 15, Jane went on to run the Instagram account of the same name, working her way to the top of the rankings and now charging at least $5,000 for an Instagram account feature. She’ll even do public appearances for a hefty $20,000! If you see her posting about her style on Instagram nowadays, you can be sure a link will appear in her bio for her loyal following to go and replicate the trends she sets. That sort of stuff doesn’t come for free! In fact, the blogger is now said to have a net worth of over one million dollars.

Julia Engel

This model and fashion blogger uses a tool developed by Dallas networkers RewardStyle to make her money, called LIKEtoKNOWit. Sending those who like a post to the retail website of an item, she has an incredible unique selling point for anybody who’s hoping for a feature on her Instagram account. Though it’s hard to put a figure on her total net worth, with over a million followers, we’re sure she’s making big bucks through advertisement on her social channels.