Isla Fisher is "grateful" for "everything" she had achieved in her life.

Isla Fisher

Isla Fisher

The 41-year-old actress is glad to have good health and "happiness" in her life, which she believes is the "ultimate goal" for anyone.

Speaking to Balance magazine, the 'Now You See Me' star - who has Olive, 10, Elula, seven, and two-year-old Montgomery with her husband Sacha Baron Cohen - said: "I feel so grateful for everything I have and the health and happiness of my family is the ultimate goal.

"For me now, it's less about 'what more I can have?' and rather about 'how great it is that I've got what I've got'."

And the star is particularly honoured to have boasted a successful career at the helm of the entertainment business.

She said: "In terms of my career, I feel like I've surpassed my wildest dreams. When I used to think of Hollywood as a young kid, growing up in Perth, I always imagined I'd be cleaning someone else's pool, not having one of my own."

But since becoming a mother Isla has found the entertainment business "not quite as appealing".

She continued: "I have three tiny people to look after now and it's the best thing in the world. Acting isn't quite as appealing when you not only have to find a role you're challenged by, but also one that coincides with the school holidays and isn't being shot on another continent. You're very limited in what you're able to do."

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