Izzy Judd reflected on her IVF struggles as she sent Lola off to her first day of nursery.

Izzy and Harry Judd

Izzy and Harry Judd

The 34-year-old remembered how she felt when she was sat in the same coffee shop and received a special phone call saying that her and her husband Harry Judd's "little embryo had survived" and would be ok to be transferred.

She wrote on Instagram: "This is my that was a really heartbreaking nursery drop off face ... little Lola was peeled off me ... I know she will be absolutely fine once I leave the room! What has made me feel so emotional is that I'm sat in the local coffee shop nearby whilst I wait to collect her. It is near to where we used to live so haven't been here for so long. However it was sat in this very coffee shop that the phone went on the morning of 7th May 2015 to say that our little embryo had survived and we could go in for transfer. To think of that amazing phone call and now sitting here two years later, to think of her struggling with this new transition is just a little bit tough! Also after my previous post I think I'm just feeling a little bit sentimental! Right ... time to take a deep breath and enjoy a cup of tea (sic)"

Meanwhile, Izzy and her spouse - who also have six-month-old son Kit together - previously revealed they might consider having a third child, as they still have a frozen embryo left after going through IVF treatment to conceive Lola.

Asked if they'd like a third child, Izzy - who also has said: "We have another frozen embryo and in my mind, I think, had the embryologist that day chosen the other embryo, I wouldn't have met Lola. So now I don't know if I could leave that little one behind."

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