Jack Savoretti thinks the entertainment industry has been shown a "lack of respect" by the UK government.

Jack Savoretti

Jack Savoretti

The 37-year-old musician thinks the industry has been neglected by the government and ought to have been given more support amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Jack explained: "When you look at some of these industries and what they've given back financially as well as culturally, the lack of support they're getting is something to be ashamed of.

"I think the lack of respect a lot of these industries have got is shocking, especially here in the UK where they are so prominent, they are so important - probably some of the greatest things that we export from the UK is the culture, is art, is theatre, is entertainment.

"For those to be sort of pushed aside, it seems to be the industry getting the least support, that I find really, really sad."

Jack sympathises with the UK government to some extent, acknowledging that it finds itself in a unique scenario, but he still thinks it's failed to provide the necessary leadership and clarity since the start of the health crisis.

Jack - who lived in Switzerland for a time while growing up - told Sky News: "I don't really think anybody is getting it completely right, this is new ground for everybody but I do think the inconsistency and the continuous sort of last-minute change of plans, I don't understand that strategy.

"I have been able to travel over to Italy and to drop in to Switzerland during some promo for work and visiting my family over the last few months and there seems to be the same amount of safety.

"You know nobody's rushing in to any madness, but there seems to be a lot more understanding about what is to come, where here the rug keeps getting pulled from underneath people's feet.

"I don't really understand this last minute thing - I'll let you know tomorrow - and then suddenly there is a change. I don't understand how that's supposed to benefit people, but, you know, that's the way it is … It's heartbreaking is basically the only thing I can say."

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