Jada Pinkett Smith feels she was "insensitive" to Will Smith's ex-wife when she first started dating the actor.

Jada Pinkett Smith

Jada Pinkett Smith

The 'Magic Mike XXL' star admits she was "inconsiderate" dating Will when he was still divorcing Sheree Zampino.

She said: "Here's the one thing I will say in hindsight. Because I didn't understand marriage, I didn't understand divorce. I will say that I probably should've fell back. So, when I think back about where I was, some of my insensitivity, some of my inconsideration just in regards to you guys unwinding a marriage, and then me, trying to get in there."

And Sheree replied: "And I was like, 'Bless her heart.'"

Sheree also confessed that she initially didn't want Jada to meet her and Will's son Trey, now 25, but allowed it in the end.

Speaking on Jada's Red Table Talk, Sheree shared: "So Trey comes home and I said, 'How did you like Miss Jada?'

"He said, 'I really like her Mommy.' Thank you for loving my baby ... I'll tell you, on this side of things, my son could not have a better bonus mom."

Meanwhile, Jada's mother Adrienne Banfield-Jones previously admitted she didn't like Will when the pair first started dating because he was still going through his divorce and she felt it was too soon for Jada to jump into a relationship with him.

Adrienne revealed: "I think initially when Will first called you, I think he was still married or he was just separated, or something, and I said, he's not available to you."

Whilst Jada joked in a joint interview: "He was 'div'. The 'orced' hadn't happened yet."