Jameela Jamil curled her hair with a sex toy.

Jameela Jamil

Jameela Jamil

The 32-year-old actress wanted to look her best for her audition for 'The Good Place' but didn't have the right tools to style her locks, so raided her flatmate's room - only to realise too late she'd mistakenly picked up a vibrator.

She said: "I've never curled my hair before - this doesn't sound good - other people have always done it for me. Because of that, I'm not familiar with the utensils.

"I lived with a model at the time, she had all that stuff, I went into her room. I found a box--it said hair tong on it. I opened it. The box was pink. The hair tong was pink.

"It was wireless, I thought, 'Gosh, technology has really come a long way', and it's got these ridges, where I thought the hair goes. I press a button and it starts [vibrating].

"I realised not soon enough that I am curling my hair with a penis."

But the mishap had a silver lining for Jameela as it left her so flustered, she forgot to be nervous about her audition and landed the role.

Speaking to 'Late Night' host Seth Meyers, she continued: "I almost missed the audition because I had to rewash my hair because of all the...penis on it. It almost actually broke the show for me.

"Because I was made late, I think I was so out of my mind with nerves. I went all the way through to the other side that I was able to weirdly power through the audition and then I got it, so curl your hair with a dildo!"