James McAvoy doesn't think he's "attractive enough" for rom-coms.

James McAvoy

James McAvoy

The 'Becoming Jane' actor has enjoyed working on lighter movies in the past, but isn't convinced his casting is particularly credible because he is only "alright" looking.

Speaking to Heat Magazine, he said: "I would [do rom-coms] but I don't think I'm very believable as a dashing leading man. I'm not attractive enough.

"I'm not fishing, I'm being honest. When you do those roles, and I've done a few and really got a lot out of portraying those characters.

"But in the back of your mind is the niggling doubt, 'Is anyone going to believe this beautiful woman is going to fall in lvoe with someone who looks like me?'

"And I don't like to agonise over my level of attractiveness when I'm working...

"This isn't an insecurity thing, I know I'm alright, but I'm not the guy whose looks have got him where he is."

The 38-year-old actor is more well known for his roles in action films such as 'Atomic Blonde' or psychological thrillers like 'Split', and he doesn't really care about getting typecast in the future as it means he'll still be getting paid.

He joked: "If all the parts stop coming and I find myself being typecast, doing the same thing repeatedly, I'll say, 'That's fine, let's be having the money please.' "

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