Jamie Jewitt got his "old self back" after appearing on 'Love Island'.

Jamie Jewitt

Jamie Jewitt

The dark-haired hunk was paired up with Camilla Thurlow on the ITV2 show, and though the star battled with depression prior to entering the house, he thinks his stint on the show has helped him recover.

Speaking to Metro newspaper, he said: "The day before I went in, I had conversations with a psych about me and I didn't think I was in the right head space for it.

"Mentally I wasn't up for such a personality based show. I wasn't every happy then.

"Every problem you have in your head you talk to someone about it. It's not about what you've got and how you are doing - it's about who you have around.

"After three days I got my head back and my old self back. I was happy."

And Jamie thinks his phone, and social media has contributed to this negative feeling, because he felt a "grey cloud" looming over him when he picked up his mobile device after he left.

He explained: "Going into 'Love Island', I had my phone taken away. No TV, no music, no contact with the outside world.

"It taught me the amount of distraction is a big part of the problem.

"I realised again when I got out and got my phone back the grey cloud came again."

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