Janice Dickinson has tied the knot.

Janice Dickinson

Janice Dickinson

The 61-year-old supermodel wed Dr. Robert "Rocky" Gerner at a very intimate ceremony on Saturday (10.12.16) at a pal's home in Beverley Hills.

She told Entertainment Tonight: "I am so delighted, ecstatic, over the moon, out of body, a runaway bride.

"When Rocky first introduced himself to me, I felt like I had seen a unicorn, a one of a kind. He's the brightest and the best and the funniest and the most exciting man I've ever met in my life."

The ceremony was attended by Janice and Robert's close friends and family, who enjoyed a selection of sandwiches, salads and pastries as well as mini quiches and chicken skewers at the celebration.

The stunning three-tiered cake had a different flavour in each layer - red velvet, chocolate fudge and vanilla.

And Janice - who wore a Jane Booke gown - sobbed during her vows and as she thanked Dr. Drew, who attended the wedding, for helping to get her sober.

Meanwhile, Janice previously gushed about how Dr. Gerner kept her positive after her breast cancer diagnosis.

She said earlier this month: "Today I am finally over the hump and the fright for myself and my family from the most horrible word in the world, cancer.

"I've been reborn and the days are much bluer, the clouds are much brighter, roses smell rosey-er, and I finally heard from my betrothed that we are going to do this now, we will be tying the knot this year."

Whilst Dr. Gerner added: "Janice went through some phases, she was really strong with the surgeries but the radiation treatment drains you of energy and she became fatigued and her normal level of hyper energy just went away."

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