Jason Statham

Jason Statham

Jason Statham was an "energetic" baby who kept falling out of his pram.

Jason Statham says he has always needed a "physical" outlet for his energy, and was always on the go as a child.

The actor admits he was a handful as a child and often had his mother in a panic even if she'd turned away from him for just a few seconds.

He recalled: "[I was] very energetic as a child. I was running around and bouncing out of the pram as a baby.

"My mum says she was always having to pick me up from off the ground when I'd fall out.

"The physical DNA has always been part of our family, my dad was a good boxer and gymnast, my mum is a ballroom dancer, and my brother does martial arts.

"I tend to need to find something to do physically. It feels weird if I don't."

The 46-year-old  'Homefront' star hated playground bullies as a youngster and not a lot has changed since he left school, as he still comes across unpleasant adults.

Asked his biggest dislike, he told Britain's HELLO! magazine: "Bullying. It's a horrible thing and it's not just about children - adults get bullied all the time, too.

"People who are in a position of power like to throw their weight around and that becomes abuse."

And the 'Revolver' star admits dealing with bullying adults can be much more difficult than when children are getting "pushed around" by their peers.

Jason added: "When I was a kid, the people that used to push other people around, if someone whacked them, then they wouldn't be pushing people around again. But you can't really do that with adults."

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