Jennifer Garner was too "chicken" to meet fans who watched her new movie.

Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner

The 46-year-old actress bought tickets to a Los Angeles screening of 'Peppermint' - in which she plays a woman looking for justice after her husband and daughter are killed in a drive-by shooting - but she worried fellow cinemagoers would think she was "obsessed with herself" by watching herself on the big screen and admitted the experience felt very awkward.

She shared a video to Instagram and wrote: "The studio encouraged me to go to the theater and see #PEPPERMINTmovie with an audience-- maybe they thought I would conduct exit polls?

"But I learned something about myself on this experiment-- I am a chicken.

"Thank you to everyone who spent their weekend and their hard earned money with #RileyNorth and me. If you go this week-- you never know-- I may be lurking behind a curtain at a theater near you. (sic)"

In the video, Jennifer suggested it was an experience she wasn't likely to repeat.

She said: "I've never done this before, and now I know why."

She could also be seen hiding behind a pillar and trying to shield her face with her tickets.

She admitted: "Hi. I'm in a movie theater and I have a movie out and I have to be here with my fans.

"I'm afraid people are gonna hate the movie and take pity on me, see me and think I'm just obsessed with myself. Nonetheless, I have tickets.(sic)"

But despite her concerns, one fan approached Jennifer and shook her hand, praising the film as "amazing".

The former 'Alias' star - who has children Violet, 12, Seraphina, nine, and Samuel, six, with ex-husband Ben Affleck - then whispered "Is it over?" to the camera before running to hide in a dark hallway as people left the cinera.

She then whispered: "Did they like it?"

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