Jennifer Lopez believes she's a "good girl."

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez

The 46-year-old singer may have raised eyebrows over her cheeky music video 'Booty', in which she paraded around in a skimpy leotard with Iggy Azalea, last year but she's adamant she never wanted to come across as "raunchy."

Speaking to Marie Claire about the famous track, she said: "I wanted it to be beautiful and sexy, not sexy and raunchy.

"Sometimes when you're younger, you go for raunch, or shock value, but I don't need to do that.

She added: "I did sexy things [growing up] but I was always more the good girl who was falling in love as opposed to the naughty girl who was running around."

The brunette beauty, who is believed to be dating backing dancer Casper Smart again, split from her third husband Marc Anthony, with whom she has seven-year-old twins Max and Emme, in July 2011 after 10 years of marriage.

And, although it was a difficult and heartbreaking time for her, she believes the split brought her closer to her friends.

She explained: "I think I realised they were as important - if not more important - when I divorced Marc.

"I just realised that I had been through that a couple of times and there they still were. Like they say, men come and go, but my girlfriends are always there for me."